Shark Fishing Now Prohibited in Emerald Isle


Helpful Shark Information


Recent shark attacks in North Carolina have resulted in several inquiries to Town staff about sharks. A flyer about shark education is available on the town website and includes tips for avoiding shark attacks. {Download the Shark Education flyer now}

The ocean is the natural habitat of sharks and other marine life, and sharks have always been present in the ocean all along NC’s beaches, including Emerald Isle. Fortunately, shark attacks are extremely rare, and an individual has a much greater chance of being struck by lightning. Although the risk of a shark attack is very small, you can help prevent attacks by avoiding swimming near areas where people are fishing, staying out or the water if you are bleeding, by swimming in groups, and by refraining from wearing jewelry or brightly colored clothing in the water.

Shark Fishing Now Prohibited in Emerald Isle

The Board of Commissioners met in a special meeting on Monday, July 6, and adopted a new ordinance that authorizes temporary restrictions or prohibitions on the public trust beach area and the adjacent waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the Town has prohibited shark fishing and / or “chumming” activities on the beach and nearshore areas, effective immediately. This prohibition will continue through September 15.

Any shark fishing and / or “chumming” activities are now illegal, and the EIPD and the Beach Patrol will be enforcing this prohibition. Violators will be required to immediately cease shark fishing and / or “chumming” activities, and will be subject to a civil penalty.

Other surf fishing activities are still permitted in Emerald Isle. Please be courteous to others enjoying the beach!

What are your thoughts on shark fishing? Do you believe in shark conservation and education? We’d love to know!